Vehicle Safety Inspections

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This checklist is to be completed by all employees operating any Williams Designer Homes vehicle. Fails may necessitate the vehicle being removed from service until repairs are completed. Contact Williams Designer Homes administration immediately if any categories fail inspection.

Check that there are no cuts or similar damage and that the tyres are not balding (use wear indicators). Visually check inflation. Visually check the rims are OK and wheel nuts are tight.
Visual check of body/structure condition - report any damage.
Check for cracks, cleanliness and operation.
Fire Extinguisher*
Ensure extinguisher in place, in date, and has not been discharged.
First Aid Kits*
Check first aid kit in place and properly stocked.
Ensure vehicle/equipment is free of rubbish and litter.
Check all are working and in good condition. Check the correct operation of head, brake, indicators, reversing, parking lights, interior, dash and work lights.
Horn & Reversing Alarm*
Check operation.
Are they clean and in good condition?
Check wiper blades and that the washers work if fitted.
Check foot and hand brakes for effectiveness.
Check speedo works, if fitted.
Fluid Checks*
Check engine oil, coolant, battery, washer, brake fluid weekly.
Optional. Leave any additional comments you have here.

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